I Should Be Writing Equations for Anti-Gravity

30 January 2014

I laughed to myself as I sat on my 2.5″ hard foam mattress pad I call a bed and packed up three cent bracelets by the dozen for some Buddhist stranger living in Brazil. Here I am, forty-seven years old. Ex-American. Living in Thailand for the past decade. I spend a couple hours each week […]

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25 Reasons I Love Writing with My Macbook Air Notebook

13 October 2013

Before I finally broke down and bought a Macbook Air computer, I laughed at them for years. I had a MAC 17 inch G4 Powerbook back in 2001 I think it was. It was junk. I couldn’t even get the cursor to move fast enough using the trackpad, I’d have had to use a mouse. […]

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Write 40 Short Sex Stories and Make $500 More Per Month?

25 July 2011

I did some figuring yesterday. If I sat down and banged out 40 short sex stories, it would come back to us in the form of another $500 per month. That’s pretty damn substantial – isn’t it? $500 per month is like a Lexus payment. Here in Thailand it’s a very decent house payment or […]

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David Bryan Mitchell Needs His Eyes Pulled Out With the End of a Hanger

02 November 2010

I need to be the guy doing the executions for certain crimes because I just rage inside over these things. Some people wonder, “Could I pull the trigger?” – I’ve never wondered. I can pull it and pull it and pull the fucking trigger off the gun I’d pull it so much. This dumbass with […]

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Third Book in Thailand’s Sickest Series – On the Way

27 March 2014

I was looking at AuthorEarnings.com and it was so motivating to me that I decided last night around midnight that I’d write the third installment in the Thailand’s Sickest trilogy. I think it’s a trilogy anyway, let’s see what happens. Writing Thailand fiction is easy for me, I’ve been here for a decade and not […]

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The Red Room a fiction short story by Mike Fook

Mike Fook Short Stories Going FREE!

21 March 2014

I was asking people to register for reading my short stories here at MikeFook.com, then I thought, ahh, screw it. Let everyone have them for free. Hopefully I can increase readership of my novels by introducing more people to my stories. Click below to see 3 short stories you can download now for FREE. Mike […]

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Arrival in Savannakhet, Laos

20 March 2014

Cars, motorbikes, tuk-tuks, and vans whiz by in front of me, they’re all in a rush, but where are they going in this bored to death town, I couldn’t guess. Two Laotian boys walk by, one with his arm over the other boy’s shoulders. I ate Mussaman curry, a Thai dish, served by a Japanese […]

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In My Teens, I Was a Thief

20 March 2014

We all change over time. I’ve changed remarkably over the years. For instance when I was a teen, I stole a lot of things. Nothing big mind you, but mostly illicit things I guess. Here are just a couple of stories about that troubled time in my youth. Short Story #1 – Molson Golden Growing […]

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Petition to Kill Anonymous Comments on Amazon Books

11 March 2014

Please join this campaign. This is to show Amazon that authors are tired of having anonymous knobs leave shit reviews on their books without recourse. SIGN IT HERE – easy and takes a minute ​Jeff Bezos: Protect Amazon.com Users and Indie Publishing Authors from Bullying and Harassment by Removing Anonymity and Requiring Identity Verification for […]

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The US Navy Can Hear a Fish Fart

10 March 2014

I’m not buying this whole Malaysia Airlines MH370 crash scenario. As usual, we’re not getting the whole story. They say the plane just disappeared from radar. Did it descend and disappear, like it would before it crashed into the ocean? What were the last words from the cockpit? Here are a couple of scenarios for […]

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Our Lucky Lives

08 March 2014

Most of you reading this will fall into the category of The 1%. You are in the 1% in so many areas, that you don’t understand the rest of the world. Probably you’ve seen little of the rest of the world. I’ve just begun exploring, and I find myself humbled by what people live with […]

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Amazon royalties falling like a guillotine blade

Amazon Rolls Audio Book Authors Heads – Are We Next?

01 March 2014

Amazon just lowered the royalties for producers of digital audio ebooks sold on Amazon.com. Audio book authors at Amazon are running around like chicken with their heads cut off at the latest shenanigans at the multibillion dollar company. Is the slashing of audio book authors’ royalties a sign to ebook authors that our heads are […]

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Amazon Turns the Screws

28 February 2014

Amazon is turning the screws under my fingernails. They want me to be better than I am. There is a lot at risk. If I don’t get better, more well-known, my ass is relegated to the bottom of the pile. It’s worse than any slush pile at the publishing house, which might be hundreds of […]

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The First Time – A Short Story for Members

07 February 2014

I just posted a new short story, “The First Time” for members of MikeFook.com. If you’re not a member, join over there on the top right column. You just add your email address, it’s free. You’ll receive a password in the mail to view the protected pages of this site. Cheers!  

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The ultimate writer's notebook computer, the Macbook Pro Retina 13 inch.

Buying What the Hell You Want, and Justifying It Later

03 February 2014

My mother used to buy things when she was upset. Refrigerators, couches, cars. She’d buy something big. It satisfied her in the short-term and wasn’t tragic in the long-term, so she continued doing it on through to now. She’s seventy-one. I’ve done well in Thailand not buying tech items like the madman I was back […]

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Motivation to Get Serious About Writing Books, and Life

02 February 2014

I have this friend. His life story is so motivational it makes me want to run down the street screaming shit. I mean, you couldn’t even fathom the life this guy had, and what he has become in spite of it. I can’t possibly grasp the magnitude of it myself. He wrote me email the […]

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How To Be a Successful Self-Publishing Author in 2014

28 January 2014

Becoming a successful author of fiction ebooks in 2014 does not have much to do with anything extra you do besides publishing your schlock and waiting for the money to roll in. If you can write well, and a large group of people agree with you, and can find you, you’ll do well enough as […]

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Going Down - a Mike Fook Short Story

New Short Story – Going Down

27 January 2014

I just finished making the changes to my sister’s final edit and a last reading of my latest thirty-five page short story, Going Down. No, the story isn’t literotica. This is set in Western Pennsylvania where I grew up. It’s about drinking in a bar from age fourteen with a bunch of my friends. If […]

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Writing Short Stories – Loving It

21 January 2014

Just finished up my “Bumpy” short story. First draft is thirty-two pages. I thought it would be about ten, but as it turns out, the story took a little twist and people died. That’s the way it usually seems to go with my short stories, if you’ve read any of them, you get the idea. […]

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Creating Short Stories – Where To Get Ideas?

20 January 2014

I’ve lived an eventful life, through little of my own doing. I just seemed to have had some of the coolest and strangest experiences over my 47 years. The first book I ever wrote was a 160,000+ word autobiography. I never published it. I never got motivated enough to edit it down to a manageable […]

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2014 – A Tough Year For EBook Authors?

18 January 2014

I’m hoping 2014 is my best year ever with ebooks. Why? I don’t have enough eggs in the other baskets. This year I’ll be focusing mainly on writing short stories. Shorts are good for me at the moment because I’ve sort of exhausted the subjects I was passionate about writing two or three-hundred page books […]

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2013 – EBooks, Videos, and What’s Next?

21 December 2013

As 2013 winds down I’m taking a fresh look at things. EBook sales have slowed considerably, to the tune of a few hundred dollars less per month than they were last year and the year before that. This was expected. I’ve not cranked out many new books like I thought I might. I’m just not […]

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Calling on the Dead for Guidance

31 October 2013

I do this sometimes, call on the dead for help with what I should be doing. I’ve long since given up on God or anything related to it, but I still think there must be something out there – someone – that knows what I should be focusing on better than I do. My cousin […]

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