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Radiation. Part of God’s Plan for the World?

Child with swollen legs from radiation exposure at Chernobyl
Physically and mentally disabled children as a result of the Chernobyl accident in Russia so many years back. Make yourself look at each photo.

Abandoned children.

Abandoned children.

Kids born to mothers exposed to high radiation at Chernobyl reactor.

Kids born to mothers exposed to high radiation at Chernobyl reactor.

Can you imagine what hell these children are living every day of their lives. I can’t. I know I don’t have any conception of what even 10 minutes must be like living as one of them. I look at them in the photos and I can imagine the cruelty of people… the stares they must get. The people that must burst into tears upon seeing them.

Their families? Wow… I couldn’t imagine waking up every fucking day and seeing my brother or sister like this. My son? Feeling their pain of humiliation every single day. Whatever created this farked up world gave most of us everything we needed. But some got dealt a raw fucking deal in spades. Why did some get 150 IQ’s and Harvard schooled parents in child psychology and others got shit for brains?

It’s time, god, if it exists in some form we can gripe at, came down here and started taking the blame. What a complete clustersuck this entire world is… the pain some of mankind is going through is unimaginable. Unforgivable. God made radiation. God made accidents. God made human beings that are fallible, capable of forgetting… capable of misjudging. If you don’t feel sick to your stomach about a God that could create something so heinous after seeing these photos – good for you. God made you callous enough, selfish enough that you don’t have it in you to feel for others… or maybe you have something else dragging you down. Maybe you’ve got your own traumatic experience you’re dealing with in this wretched game of life…

Christians! Muslims! Jehovah’s Witnesses!
Tell me… what was your god thinking?



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All content by Mike Fook. Mike writes fiction and non-fiction books in digital ebook format. Some advice for beginning writers - "Write Your Ass Numb!". Write what you love, and don't stop putting yourself out there. The world doesn't know you yet. The world is steeped in mediocrity. I encourage you to spit in the soup with some regularity. If you have any comments - feel free to leave them in comments, or send email. I usually try to say something confounding when I reply. Contact me at Google+.

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18 Responses to “Radiation. Part of God’s Plan for the World?”

  1. kim says:

    hey man, I can appreciate why you are so upset. It makes me pretty angry too. But why get upset with God because people are farked up? God didn’t do this to people – PEOPLE did this to people.

    Jesus did come down here and take the blame for what all the assholes have done, remember? (it just happened to be before you and I were born).

    Fight the shite that creates injustice – people’s greed and selfishness.

    • admin says:

      My friend Kim… where did greed and selfishness come from? The assholes that ate the apple… didn’t god make them? See, whatever starts the ball rolling – is the ultimate cause. Now, when the thing that started the ball rolling also made the ball, the hill, everything in the whole game – that’s, without the slightest doubt – the cause of the whole mess.

      God is the cause of the entire mess.

      • ryno says:

        WOW! I havent read a post so devoid of reality as yours! God made us in the image of him. He sent his Son here to die for all these messed up things you are so upset about! He made us human, we have the CHOICE if we want to be good. Its when we abandon him and DO THINGS OUR OWN SELFISH WAY THAT bad things happen.
        To be quite honest, the only thing that is going to help your problem with all the ills of the world is God. I pray you are able to understand that he is the ANSWER, not the PROBLEM!

        • MikeFook says:

          Thanks Ron Ryno – whatever your name is, for your words of wisdom.

          God made the game my misguided friend. I mean, if you believe in god, it made the game. If you believe in aliens, they made the game. Whatever. Whomever. Whomever made the game set all the variables in place. If your god made it – your god dicked it all up. Ask god what was going through its mind as it did.

  2. daph says:


    i have just seen these photos today. I feel very upset too. but i think it is not fair to blame God for what is happening to us. Remember, we human beings are free to do what we want, we always have a choice. Now these things that are happening, people have been behind them. Whatever reasons they had for creating such damages and whatever benefits they got from all of these, their conscience will get them, i hope.

  3. BB says:

    Hey, God made the apple and the people… provided us free will and we chose our self teh misery by eating that apple.

    If I am not wrong, it were men who establish CHernobyl Plant, and we have plenty like that in so many parts of the world. It is the governement who goes for the war, and many people support it.

    yeah, god has not made every thing equal, but our free will destroys any goodness which is left.

  4. becky says:

    you have some serious anger issues. Why are you putting the blame for all the fuckups in the world on God?! What, sacrificing his ONLY SON for all our sins and wrong doings wasn’t enough?! He loved us enough to give us free will… He doesn’t want us to believe in him and follow Him because he MADE us, he let us choose, and is always, ALWAYS, there…. Why is this happening to so many people?! MAN did this… built the reactors, the radiation, not God. You really need to quit blaming others and instead take some positive steps in helping others, WHICH, by the way, is a part of Gods plan. Can you imagine how much better this world would be if more people DID believe in God and loved everyone as their brother? Wow… what a thought….

    • admin says:

      “He made us. He let us choose.”

      Doesn’t that sound the least bit strange to you?

      “Man did this, not God.”

      Either I’m confused or someone is… can you guess which Becky?

  5. secret says:

    i think u should stop all this bullcrap p.s SHUTUP DAMN!!!

  6. Jennifer says:

    I have to admit, the same thoughts go through my head practically every day. It’s really hard to go through pain and witness it in others when you know God could intervene and take all the pain away. Sometimes I get so angry that I yell and cry to God in anger- I still do that sometimes in private.

    You know, in the Bible there’s a verse that says that all thing work together for good to those who love the Lord. I’ve been through a lot in my life (not as much as these children, but I have experienced my share of pain and suffering). While I can choose to be angry at God for allowing pain in my life, I am finding that I do better when I realize that I’m not supposed to know why God allowed it to happen. True faith is trusting in someone to work everything out for the best, no matter the circumstances.

    I don’t know what kind of pain you’ve gone through in your life, but I know that I would personally be lost without God’s support and love throughout my trials. Even in times when I feel angry at him for leaving me this way and making me go through pain, I can feel him listening to me and reassuring me that he’s going to be there for me. Sometimes it does less good to get angry by focusing on how life’s not fair than it does to lean on God for support in spite of life’s injustice.

    Good luck trying to work this struggle out. I know I’ve been there many times, and I find myself troubled about this topic often.

  7. Phil says:

    I agree this is horrendous. But you cannot blame God for everything, and before you criticise me for being a religious nut case, I’m not. I actually think a lot of aspects of religion are wrong and hypocritical. Who are you to say that God created everything, what’s to say that god isn’t Aristotle’s “prime-mover”? And who’s to say that A omnipotent, omniscient, eternal god would care about these unfortunate children? All the have to do is look, nay, imagine the size of the universe, which God must necessarily be external to, to realise that out galaxy is a tiny, insignificant spot in space and even more tiny is the cruel planet we live on and the people on it are so uncomprehendably tiny that God may be totally unaware of our existence or if not then God just simply may not care. It annoys me how people are so ready to blame God for everything that goes wrong in their lives without actually taking a moment to consider the nature of God, let alone the person of God, or to consider that perhaps God did not create all things and that Charles Darwin actually knew a little bit about what he was talking about and therefore it was “natural selection” that created fallible humans, not God, if God even exists!?!?
    Having said that I do believe in God, not the stereo-typical religious version that we are brainwashed with as children, but a huge power, force, energy ( whatever you will call it) that exists externally to this universe. This is because the teleological, cosmological and ontological arguments are too strong to ignore, not to mention the moral argument by Immanuel Kant and they are just four argument for the existence of God. As for the problem of evil and innocent suffering I’m sorry to say shit happens, I wish I could say otherwise but I can’t, and it does so DEAL WITH IT!!!!

  8. paul says:

    god isnt real!
    if so, he would change this wouldent he?
    and what about science? what about
    look up charles darwin.

  9. Shirin says:

    so god has to take the blame for everyones ingnorance and greed for ever. man never has to say, “oh. sorry, that was me.” you are wrong. in your eyes. your god should have never made man because man doesnt deserve to live. what ever. rant about something that will make a difference. these poor deformed suffering children in the world arent being helped by you ranting about some horrible god. so, shut up. if you arent helping you are hindering.

    • MikeFook says:

      Hi Shirin, thanks for your comment. You’re not thinking enough – but thanks for giving it a shot anyway. Back up a bit, and take a look at God. Probably you believe God created the world and all that’s in it… the heavens, the whole mess. Having created everything that is in it – God created ignorance, greed, starving children, radiation, etc. God literally allowed the possibility to exist for great – tremendous – unending pain (in some cases) to occur. God isn’t helping anything, in fact, God fucked up the entire world. It is not a good place… it is more like something we’ve all been sentenced to. I don’t remember doing anything wrong and deserving cascading shit piles of pain and misery in my life… do you remember doing something? Do you think the kids in the photos on my site remember what they did to piss off God? Fuck that… god is neither good, nor available at this time. Maybe later… maybe never. Maybe this, maybe that…

      • Jenna says:

        Dear Mike,

        It IS an interesting (not to mention heartbreaking) question to ask…why did God allow the possibility of unending and horrible pain? Did we do anything wrong? I would agree with you that the world is a corrupt, ignorant, greedy, and messed up place. BUT, I personally do not believe this was plan A. Let me explain, plan A was not a world of horrors such as the poison of radiation due to Chernobyl. We were perfect once. Spotless. Sinless. And we walked with God, as hard as that is to believe. God did create the whole world, but for a different purpose. He gave us freewill–because He wanted to love us and have us love Him fully (Would you love someone fully if you were forced to do so? Or would you love them if it were your own choice?). But unfortunately, WE were the ones to screw things up. We chose (and still choose daily) to be prideful in our desire to be like God and we rebelled. Jesus said even our thoughts are sinful, and can condemn us. This is why we may not feel guilty of any sin or wrongdoing, but they are even contained in our thoughts. (Matthew 15:19) The world became corrupt because GOD IS PERFECT and He had to “evict” us from the garden. The Bible says God is pure and holy and cannot look upon our sin. The sin we have chosen has become our undoing. God made up His plan B when He sent His one and only son to die on the cross for our sins (John 3:16).

        These words probably seem arrogant due to the evidence of the children effected by Chernobyl. But GOD IS PERFECT. Yes, God created radiation. But was it His decision to create Chernobyl? No, of course not. Just as God created the ingredients that go into methamphetamine or cocaine-He did not lead the people who created these combinations of drugs to use them in the ways they are used.

        Bottom line-All have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. (Romans 3:23) and we are without excuse for the sin we have. I have sinned and need a Savior. And so do you. These children have also sinned and have fallen short. Just as their exteriors have been twisted by the poison of sin, so all of our hearts are also poisoned. It is in our nature to sin, so we have ALL sinned and have fallen short. Everyday we are all presented with a choice: either we can choose to live to ourselves and our selfish desires, or we can live to love God and strive to glorify Him. If we do not choose Him, then we automatically choose ourselves. It is either, and there is no gray area. Jesus Himself said if we are not for Him, then we are against Him. (Luke 11:23)

        So no, God did not create a world of pain and sorrow and agonizing pain just so He could watch us suffer. He loves all of us. He loves you. He loves the children effected by Chernobyl. He wants to rescue us from all of this pain if we will only just let go of our pride and reach out to Him for help. God wants to save the children. Their bodies may be twisted and in so much pain, but they are all offered a decision to experience the love of Christ, or continue to live empty. They all have souls-just as you do. And their sin effects their hearts just like yours does. (Now, I do not mean to call you out, I have also sinned deeply and horribly.) Your heart will be thrown to death and hell if you do not let go of your anger for God over things He did not cause and accepting Him as who He is. Him even letting us live in our sin is a gift.

        I do not mean to attack, I just know that God saved me and it breaks my heart to read about such sadness in a persons heart. That person’s heart is not mine or of a child of Chernobyl, but yours. God is always available if you ever want to make a decision. I will pray for you, just as I pray for these children. That they would find the peace and love that comes from Jesus saving them from themselves.

        Thank you for your time,

        • MikeFook says:

          I approved this because it was sitting in the queue for a long time and I got tired of looking t it. I have no desire to respond to people that are immersed in the Christian brainmush this woman is afflicted by. It is much easier for me to reply in videos – so, I’ve thought about doing that – but, probably if someone gave me a video comment on Youtube, it would work better. If you have any strong opinions about anything – make a video explaining your opinion, your stance, your attack, and I’ll respond that way. I just can’t respond to written words in writing – it takes too long. Cheers then, MF

  10. Jim says:

    Mike people of limited travel experience or life experience tend to look to heaven for answers instead of questions. As a vet I have seen man at both his best and worst, what I have never seen is god. I will say this, if god created everything and is all knowing then wtf? Where was the all knowing loving father when Hitler executed 7 million of his chosen people? How about when Stalin did his level best to out due the sins of the Germans? Was god on vacation during the Nanking deal with the Japanese? If god exists he sure does turn a blind eye to a whole lot of bad.
    I’m with you on this one.

  11. toni says:

    Just like a coin have two side. it”s up to you man. which u will choice. u have a brain and if u blame God for all disaster u’r brain is useless bro.. There is a good there is a bad, hell or heaven, left or right, forward or step back. It’s up to u. God just give u a sign which one u should choice. people make this world damaged than u can blame God.


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