Goal: 1 Million Dollars Income from eBooks

Writing ebooks to make 1 million dollars.I’ve been thinking about what I want. I want $1 million net income from ebooks. After tax, I want to see $1 mill in my bank account, or in cash wads laying around the house. That’s what I want. I want to wipe my daughter’s ass with $100 bills and make airplanes out of some and launch them from the top of a mountain cliff.

That’s what I want.

How am I going to do this? Who knows? I surely don’t. But that is what I want.

I haven’t the slightest idea if this is the right path to follow, but I think I’ll do this:

1. Finish my Tin Man book.

2. Finish my “Collecther” book (don’t even try it – I have the domain already).

3. Finish my “The Givens” book.

4. Finish whatever else is worthy and hiding in my /ebooks/ folder that I’ve neglected over the past few years.

5. Write a Big Book.

6. Write another Big Book.

7. Keep writing Big Books until one of them resonates with 333,333+1 readers and I make my goal.


That is the plan. Simple – right?

Now, what would I do with that million dollars I made?

Payoff debt, and leave the rest for my daughter I guess.

I don’t really want much. What I really want is freedom to do what I want to do. I have that now to some degree… but, having enough saved for my family’s future would give me more freedom of mind. Peace of mind.

I’ll work my ass off until I get that.

How are you going to make your million?

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  1. Patrick says:

    I recently learned something about financial freedom.

    It is not the same thing as personal freedom.

    I used to believe that if I had the million dollars (or six figures even, as I tend to live a somewhat frugal life) then my life would suddenly be on permanent vacation.

    Today I realize that financial freedom is not the same thing as personal freedom. There is no such thing as “permanent leisure lifestyle” when I acquire X amount of money. That fantasy is a lie. I thought that was how it worked, but I was wrong.

    To be honest it is too boring, I have to have challenges, work, purpose in order to be happy with my life.

    Today I have learned how to be happy with the balance in my life…..gotta have some challenge going on to keep things interesting.

    That said, I think the 1 million goal is awesome, inspiring, and is a great idea to drive you closer to your goals. (I just realize, at this point, my goal is no longer the million bucks).

    • MikeFook says:

      Thanks for checking in Patrick. I think that I have personal freedom at the moment. I could arrange 16 hours of my day any way I want to. I can focus on anything I choose. I could do that for the next few years – doing no work at all if I chose.

      So, I have personal freedom. Now, I also need a challenge. My challenge is to sell heaps of books and get the money part out of the way. Personal freedom is great. I could probably travel a little bit and do some of what I wanted. Thing is – I can’t do EVERYTHING. I want to do everything I want to do, not just have time. Not just see countries close by. Not just take 1-2 week vacations anytime, I want month or 3 month vacations. I don’t want to stay in one country, but two. I want to be able to plan a mass family vacation with my brother, sister, and their families. In Hawaii. I want to be able to help people on a grand scale… not just giving $15 here and there. I want to be a resource for other people that don’t have shit – and don’t understand how to get their lives back on track. I want to help people recover what god or whatever else, fucked up for them. Case in point, yesterday I took my daughter to the park. We were on one of the 4 swings. A guy comes with his 4 daughters. Two of them have SEVERE eye problems where one of their eyes goes completely inward toward the nose. They can’t change it. One girl was about 8. One was about 4. I see these things every day and it KILLS me that the father doesn’t have the $2,000-3,000 to make his daughters eyes right. What the fuck kind of life is that? There’s nothing you can do to god – like put a boot up his ass, but, if I had more money I’d have offered it to the guy right there on the spot.

      That’s what I’d like to do with money made from selling a million books, AND wipe my daughter’s ass with it.


      Money by itself – for selfish reasons, doesn’t seem to keep driving people for long. It can’t drive me for long. But, money in order to help others – seems to provide a more long-lasting drive. For me anyway.

      Best of life my friend – glad to see you coming to a new understanding…


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