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48 Years Later…

Last night around midnight I decided – this is the beginning of my next phase of life. I turned 48 today. It’s a good time to take a look at what I’m doing, what I’ve done, and get moving forward again.

I’ll be changing to a new operating procedure. Life will look a lot different. I’m not sure how all things are going to change, I’ll think about that a lot today. I do know that I’m getting out from in front of this computer. I want to spend less than half the time I currently do on the computer in the future. My ass hurts.

I want to get out and do things. I want to start working my body stiff and sore from doing things outside I’ve not done enough of. I want to forget about writing books for now. I want to ramp up my photography and videography skills to the next level. And the next.

For years I have told people, only the very best survive in the field of photography. For years I haven’t been one them. It’s for lack of trying. I have some skills. Technically I know 95% of what I need to. Back in 1991 I made a decision to sell all my camera equipment I’d bought for freelancing in New York City. I moved to Florida and got my degrees. I’ve done a lot with the computer. I’m getting away from it. My ass hurts.

So this new phase will be Vern starting life as a has-been getting back into phtotography in a big way. Videography will be the real focus, but they’re much the same. Master one and it isn’t such a stretch to master the other.

So, starting today – May 1, 2014, I have changed my life again. I’m going after something I’ve wanted for years. Decades really. There is a lot to learn. A lot to get out and shoot. A lot of money to make so I can get the few tools I need to really knock it out.

Here’s another site where you can follow my progress:



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  • Rick

    Just wanted to say happy birthday bro. Been following you for a while and really enjoy your stuff. We chatted briefly before, bought your meditation book n tried to hook up with you on my last trip with my wife and daughter. Maybe the end of this year we’ll make our way down your way.
    Well enjoy your day!


    btw, glad to hear you’ll be doing more pic/videos, great stuff.

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