Reinventing Myself as a Writer… of Code

XCode Writing for IOS Apps

I was looking at the Forbes list of billionaires the other day. I know I need to stop mucking around and just do this, but it has been such a long time in coming.

I’ve constantly reinvented myself over the last 30 years since I became an ‘adult’.

US Air Force – administrative duties, post office mailman, classified information destruction

Freelance photographer, slide duplication and color correction specialist

Psychology student – BA, MA. Working with people in the mental health system in various capacities. Big Brother.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Hardware technician, break-fix.

Search Engine Optimization specialist, webmaster, online business developer

Internet Marketing Manager consultant traveling the USA, then settling in Hawaii for 2 years

Internet something or other… Writer. Video personality. Online business generalist.

Here we are, still in 2014 and I am ready for the next iteration of Mike Fook… aka Vern Lovic. I’m reminded of a conversation I had with my younger cousin Mark somewhere about 2001 at my home in Florida. He was just going into college, was bright as all F, and he wanted to know what area I thought might work long-term for him.

Immediately I said, “Computer programming.” I told him that if he has any interest in it at all, dive in and never look back. The field will be going for the next thirty years. Well, we’re 13 years past that and there is no end in sight. Computer programmers will have a very secure future working for themselves or for others until computers take over the task and do it MUCH much better… maybe in another thirty years or so.

Ever since 1999 I realized I should be a programmer. It isn’t that it was my passion, but it is what I needed to do because websites couldn’t do all I was creating in my mind. I needed to be able to write code. I needed to be able to code applications to do what I wanted them to do.

I took a look at coding a few times over the past 15 years and I just couldn’t get into it. I had too much other stuff going on that was able to distract me. I was able to make enough money to placate myself and ignore my dreams of making apps and raking in the cash. I talked myself out of learning programming over and over by believing it was all a dream and wouldn’t amount to anything. There was too much competition. Too many great ideas out there already.

And I just kept all my ideas to myself. I didn’t want to pay anyone to develop them. I didn’t have $50,000 to blow on the chance that the app might do well and make back more than that. I didn’t have any illusions of assured success like that.

So here we are…

I’m looking at learning Objective C and SWIFT, Apple’s new programming language for IOS. I’m excited about it. More excited about actually being able to code my own apps and bring ideas to fruition than I am worked up about actual coding.

I was a photographer when few were… now anyone is a photographer. Digital cameras and phones – have come up to the level where anyone can take amazing photos.

I was a videographer when few were. I was a blogger when few were. I was a writer when few were.

Now anyone can do that stuff.

Programming is easier than ever, but still there are millions of people that could conceivably code, and they are sitting on their hands because it seems too difficult or too boring.

So I have some advantage here again. I don’t feel like I have the advantage doing the things I’ve done in the past. That’s all in the past. I can’t make a billion dollars writing a book. There wasn’t one book author on that billionaires list. There wasn’t one singer. There wasn’t one internet personality.

Photos are everywhere, and nobody pays for them. Music is everywhere, millions and maybe (probably) a billion songs are out there. Sure most of us listen to music, even buy some occasionally, but there aren’t any singers making a billion dollars. It’s a dead field as far as big money is concerned. Books are great, but not everyone reads a book. Look at music listeners and buyers compared to book readers and buyers. No comparison.

There were no photographers on the list.

There were six people that made their fortune in beer.

Nearly ALL the billionaires worked in areas that required them to make their billions over dozens of years.

Not software development. It might take ten years, it might take ten months to make a billion dollars. That’s pretty insane. At no other time in the history of the world has it been like this. I mean, how many people stumbled into a cave that was lined with diamonds or gold? How many dug a hole to plant a carrot and struck an oil gusher?

With Apps there are hundreds of millions of people that use them on their phones, tablets, and PCs. Many are free. The developer makes money through ads inside the app and paid upgrades if users want the full version.

Coding is IT right now. There is no other greater opportunity for someone to jump into. It has probably been the same for these 15 years I’ve been sleeping. Thankfully I still have the opportunity to wake up and smell the bacon (my ass on fire). I slept on this a long time, but it’s still there for me if I want it.

September 9th, 2014 Apple is having a major announcement about their new iPhone(s). What this means is, that all the people like me that bought Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, and S5 phones for their bigger screens are going to be selling themselves in the street to go buy the newest BIG iPhone. That means app use at the Apple App Store is going to go FURTHER through the roof. July 2014 was already a RECORD month for the App Store and they are just on the brink of announcing these supposedly amazing new phones – which I’m not buying, by the way.

But millions WILL switch over and the Android market will teeter, dwindle, and cough up some phlegm for the next couple years as everyone buys Apple iPhones again.

This is absolute PRIME TIME for learning how to code IOS apps. There are heaps of good ideas that can make you bank.

I do hope some of you consider writing code. It’s still writing, and you can continue writing your fiction or other books as you grow bored of coding, returning to it as you find the motivation.

I’m starting the Objective C course today. I’m “Coding with Chris.” This guy is so good I want to give him money for what he’s doing already, and I’m just in the free course.

I’m still writing my latest book. I’m 20,000+ words into it and I’m loving it. I think I can do both until the book is finished, then I’ll just focus on coding.

Best of luck to you all.

Go make your billions and don’t forget to let me know how you’re going about it.

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  1. Tom says:

    Hi Vern, I just bought your ebook about meditating. I have to say, I’m really intrigued with why you’d want to be a billionaire. I mean, if you have reached a state that is so much more satifying than money…. then where does this drive come from? You obviously are able to live well and enjoy your life and the people around you, so what more do you want? Why not tune in to the Jhana feelng again and enjoy feeling free of everything (or something)?

    • MikeFook says:

      Hi Tom,

      Great question… I have this idea that if I had profuse amounts of money, I could do so much good. I’d give it away Tom. I can see so many places it could do good. I would love to be able to solve so many problems for individuals I know, and complete strangers. There is a woman at the park here in Thailand. She’s in rags. There are VERY few homeless or very very poor people roaming the streets here, but she is one I see constantly as my daughter plays at the park. I’ve wanted to offer her money for a while now, but I didn’t want to cause her to lose face if people saw me give it to her. I couldn’t catch her alone. I didn’t want to upset her either – and then have to see her at the park a few times a week. I didn’t know if she was stable or not…

      Finally a couple days ago I was able to go to her with my daughter at a remote trash can she was fishing through for plastic bottles. I said, Yaak hai lao nee na krup… I would like to give you this… and I held it out to her in my clenched hand so nobody could see it. Originally I asked my daughter to give it to her but she was afraid of the woman. The woman looked in my eyes and clenched my hand between hers and recited an often heard Buddhist chant…

      It was nice to be able to do something for her. I’ve done this all my life. I don’t have heaps of cash to give away, but if I did, I would certainly give it away…

      I have this idea that I am capable of doing something big that could make a lot of money. A billion? I’m not sure I’d have the continued motivation once I found something successful. Who knows?

      Cheers Tom…

  2. Ofer says:

    Hi, I got here from your youtube channel and saw the comparison you did between the Macbook air and the retina for writers. I am not a writer but I am also looking into starting to code for iOS and I would like to know how you find the macbook air’s screen size while using xcode.


    • MikeFook says:

      I have to say, using XCode – I wanted a bigger screen. 15″ would be better than the 13″ Pro retina I have now. I just like to see as much as possible all at once. You might be different.

      Cheers man!


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